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Dine and Donate Program

Big Swerve’s BBQ and Stella’s Banquet Hall and Café

We at Big Swerve’s BBQ and Stella’s Banquet Hall and Café are excited to share with you this exciting program. We are dedicated and committed to assisting our community in any way that we can. With that in mind, we have implemented our version of Dine and Donate. 

To schedule your event or for additional information,

please call us at 609-866-9847.

We are excited to be given the opportunity to help your organization to reach you goals and dreams.


Option 1

Pick any available Thursday or Sunday. We will provide flyers for your group and organization. Promote the Dine and Donate in any manner you wish. Social media, paper flyer, phone calls, face to face marketing, etc. We will promote the event on our social media platform. 10% of all sales for that day, including delivery sales (minus delivery fee and tips), take-out and dine-in (minus sales tax and tips) will go to your organization. We would like at least one representative to be present for your Dine and Donate. A printout of the sales report for that evening will be provided to your organization.

Option 2

Pick an available Thursday or Sunday to have a dine-in sponsored event. We will provide full-service dining for your guest for the evening in our beautiful venue. Send out invites, flyers, etc. to have guests come to dine with you and your organization. We will provide 10% of the proceeds, excluding taxes and tips to your organization) Flyers can be provided.

Option 3

Have a ticketed sponsored event. We will provide you with our beautiful venue to have your event at no upfront cost to you. We will work with you to come up with a desired menu. You will sell tickets for your event. The food cost will be deducted from your ticketed event and your organization will receive the difference in addition to a 10% donation from us. Example: You sell tickets for $35 per person. Your selected menu cost is $20 per person, your organization gets $15 per person. You sell 100 tickets; your organization gets $1500 for ticket sales. We made $2000 in food sales for that evening, so we also give you an additional $200. Your organization just got $1700 with no upfront cost to your organization. (This option requires 50 ticket sale guarantees on Thursdays and Sundays and 75 ticket sale guarantees on Fridays or Saturdays. (If your minimum is not meet, the 10% donation from us is forfeited) 

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